Last week our book group met to discuss questions from the book, Happier at Home. We used the reading group guide questions from for the book. We discussed the following questions. I invite anyone reading the notes to add their comments about these questions. I look forward to hearing from more people about their experiences. Thanks!

  1. What does the term home mean to you? Do you agree with Rubin that it’s one of the most important elements to happiness? Do you have more than one place that you call home?

    We seemed to share a vision of the home as a place of rejuvenation–a place where we embrace each other, not only in a physical sense, but perhaps an emotional and loving sense too. The moms, all stay at homes moms, at this meeting saw their role as the anchor of happiness in the home.

  2. Rubin observes that for most people, “outer order contributes to inner calm,” and many of her resolutions are aimed at clutter-clearing. Are you affected by clutter–or not?

    We answered with a resounding “yes” that clutter affects us!!
    One person recommended the book:

    The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo.
    I recently threw a party and remembered the award winning answer to one of Real Simple Magazine’s monthly questions: What are your secrets to a clean house? The reader replied: hosting a party. I saw with clear vision, the many piles I leave around the house. In a few days I took down paper mountains, dusted surfaces and more. And even after the party I continue to feel inspired to maintain the clean look. I actually feel better somehow in my new and more organized environment.