In 2005, inspired in part by the landmark book by Mimi Doe, 10 Principles for Spiritual Parenting, I formed a spiritual parenting group, along with several friends. Our group joined a network of groups around the globe discussing Mimi’s work. We met on a regular basis, discussing Mimi’s thought-provoking questions related to her book. After we finished her book, we moved on to discuss other books related to parenting and spirituality. Our group continues to meet on a monthly basis to discuss books on these topics. I believe others yearn to connect about spirituality and mothering. I hope you find my blog a useful way of connecting with others about similar interests. In addition, I see my blog as a resource for those exploring the topic of mothering with spirit! See the menu, Books, to see a full list of books we discovered and discussed focusing on the topic. In addition, join us by posting questions, reflections and comments related to current books and mothering with spirit!