The Third Commitment

A friend and I met last night at a local book store to discuss Pema’s third commitment from her book, Living Beautifully with Uncertainty and Change: Committing to Embrace the World Just as it is. While my friend and I normally avoid highlighting in books, or making notes, we both chose to with this book; and interestingly we both highlighted some of the same sections as our favorite sections. We both liked page 110, where Pema says:

“That captures the feeling of the third commitment: falling in love with the human condition and not dividing ourselves in two, with the so-called good part condemning the so-called bad part and the bad part scheming to undermining the good part. We’re not trying to cultivate one part of ourselves and get rid of another part. We’re training in opening to it all.”

I know, personally, I always work at that so called “bad” part and try to grow the good part. I love the thought that we work with the whole part and stay open to all parts of us. As a parent, I know I confront that “bad” part sometimes; maybe instead of berating myself for those “bad” moments, I hope to simply accept those moments with less judgement.

Share your thoughts, if you like, on her ideas about embracing the world and simply staying present to the moment, without so much judgement. Any parenting times to relate to the idea?




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