Tabula Rasa

Today, holed up in a cabin in the foothills of the Wallowas, my oldest daughter introduced me to her favorite podcast–Stuff You Should Know. The episode focused on enlightenment and reminded me of the concept of tabula rasa, meaning blank slate. They spoke about humans essentially coming into the world with a blank slate. Experiences write on the slate, and along with a person’s nature, help to form that person. And as a parent I try to nurture the spirit of my children, essentially writing on their slate. And coupled with their nature, I see how the slate affects my kids in different ways. Perhaps, for example, they reject my ideas or perhaps my thoughts align with their ideas or personality. Comforting to ponder that to mother with spirit, I also need to accept the spirit of the child.

Lovely plant tucked into the base of a mossy volcanic rock in the Wallowas.



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