November Book group questions

For November, we continue to read the book by Gretchen Ruben, Happier at Home. For November we read the chapter, November: Parenthood Pay Attention. Join our group in person or contribute via the website! I look forward to hearing your answers to the following questions, mainly from Rubin’s reading group guide:

  1. Rubin writes,  “Just because something is fun for someone else doesn’t make it fun for me–and vice versa” and “I can choose what I do, but I can’t choose what I like to do.” Do you agree? Or do you think you can teach yourself to enjoy something that initially you don’t find fun? What do you find fun?
  2. Do you have shrines in your home? If you were going to make one, what would you include?
  3. (From a book group member) If you like, please share your parenting challenges.
  4. Rubin quotes a line from Saint Thérèse: “It isn’t enough to love; we must prove it.” Rubin shares her time and attention to prove her love. How about you?





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